Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art that works by intelligently activating your body’s innate ability to heal itself both physically and emotionally. It is deeply nourishing and can enable the release of trauma, soothe chronic conditions and assist the healing of physical injury.

Reiki helps to

  • relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • provide relief for those struggling with insomnia and migraines.
  • alleviates chronic pain or pain due to injury
  • promote an overall sense of wellbeing.
  • provide support through trauma and greif
  • heightens mindfulness, self awareness, and intuition
  • fosters your body’s innate ability to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental, and energetic level.

Reiki sessions are performed fully clothed, on a treatment table with relaxing sound healing and aromatherapy. You will receive Reiki energy through light touch, rather than pressure or massage applied to the body. Reiki sessions are gentle and relaxing, however the effects can be powerful.

Samantha Carney – Reiki Master/Practitioner

Samantha grew up right here in Duxbury and graduated with a BA in Public Health from Bridgewater State University. Sam spent several years traveling the country before she began her healing practice, Doorway Of Light. Now Samantha works as an Energy Healer offering Reiki, group meditations, and feminine wisdom workshops along the East Coast. Sam is also one of the founders of, Coastal Roots Apothecary, an organic herbal, loose-leaf tea company found in local retailers on the South Shore. She is passionate about building a strong foundation of trust and compassion with her clients, catalyzing balanced and vibrant wellbeing.



Chiropractic Care, 30 to 90 Minute Massage Session or Reiki Treatment.

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